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9.5" Heavy Duty Razor Edge Tailor Shears

9.5" Heavy Duty Razor Edge Tailor Shears
Width:12.00 (in)
Height:4.50 (in)
Depth:1.00 (in)

The Famore Tailor/Dressmaker Shears are made of a high quality German stainless steel and create an even cut along the entire length of the blade, all the way to the tips.

  • The Bent Profile & Offset Angle –making Famore Dressmaker’s Shears excellent for pattern cutting and tabletop-based projects.
  • Razor edge grind – and perfectly balanced blades make this pair of scissors a must have for any fashion sewer.
  • The extra large – finger bow on the bottom handle allows space for more fingers for better leverage.
  • Power-lock screw design:
    So scissors can be adjusted after sharpening or repaired, giving these dressmaker’s shears a long lifetime and making potentially a new family heirloom.
TIP: Dressmaker’s shears screw can also be lubricated with sewing machine oil

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