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Join us here on Tuesday evenings at 7pm for our quirky Live Sale videos. Or you can tune in to our Instagram or FaceBook page to cheer us on. Invite all your friends and family so we can break the internet. (LOL) We didn't get it right the first time out, but we also know y'all love and support us and we thank you for that. So please, come along for this new journey with us. m

Once we are Live, if you see something you like, all you’ll need to do is comment the word SOLD and the product number once you see it on the screen. It will give you an option to quickly add the product to your cart making it fast and easy to check out. And if you’re on FB or IG, the items image will pop up in your comment area. Below it is a button prompt for you to add product quickly to your cart. You can then return to the Live and keep on commenting and shopping.
If you have any other questions I will review the comments after the sale and answer you as soon as I scroll through them. m
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  • Ph: (423) 285-5959
280 2nd Ave, Unit 4
Dayton, TN
  • Tuesday - Friday: 10am - 5:30pm
    Saturday: 10am - 2pm
    Closed Sunday & Monday
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